Congratulations, you’re engaged! 5 things you need to do next

Firstly, CONGRATS! Those words you’ve been waiting for have finally come out of your other half’s mouth and it’s a feeling like no other. Whether they got down on one knee in a romantic restaurant, took you away to a secluded spot or gathered your friends and family to witness the special moment, it’s time to celebrate!



Ringing everybody you know, taking millions of pictures of the beautiful ring and running around screaming I’M ENGAGED, I’M ENGAGED in a Monica Geller-like fashion is all completely normal behaviour, and after all of the parties and celebrations have left you with a banging headache and vague memories of dancing on tables, it’s time to get, what next?

Well, besides telling the rest of the world and getting a manicure ready for those ‘give me your hand, let me see the ring!!!’ moments, you should also get the ball rolling with making some important decisions...



Whilst planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life, it’s also one of the most stressful, so it’s important you and your partner are both on the same page. How many people will you invite? What sort of venue do you have in mind? Will it be a traditional white wedding in a church or a small, secluded affair on the beach? Be sure you’re both agreed and happy with your decisions - it’s a special day for both of you!


Agree on a budget

One of the most significant decisions to make next: what’s your budget? Agreeing on a budget will avoid any awkward conversations later. Ensure you sit down together and write down a list of everything you need to buy and how much you can spend for each item. Be realistic and try to stick to these budgets. If you really find yourself struggling, have another sit down and see if you can work something out - maybe cut back on something you’ve not yet had to pay for.


Set a date

Discuss with your fiancé whether you want a summer, spring, autumn or winter wedding. Or, if you’re aren’t particularly fussy, do your research and see which months are cheaper for your dream venue. Our advice is to always pick more than one date, whether that’s to secure venue availability or to ensure all of your nearest and dearest are able to make the big day.


Choose a venue

You might have ‘that venue’ already in mind, the one you’ve always dreamt of tying the knot in. Alternatively, you might have no idea where ‘that venue’ is and if that’s the case, it’s time to start looking online and applying to some open days! Some venues offer full packages which include catering, planning etc., which can often be a big help and takes a lot of pressure off you!


Send out save the dates

Not to be confused with the actual invitations, save the dates should only be sent out to your closest friends and family. This ensures they have plenty of time to free themself up for your wedding day. Remember, a lot can change throughout an engagement and being too hasty with invites and save the dates could lead to some awkward situations further down the line.


The above list really should be sorted sooner rather than later and once done, you can take a quick breather before moving onto everything else!


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